Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I am here

Regarding Chloe:
- I've posted signs all over the neighborhood.
- I've posted information at our county's animal shelter.
- I've reported her missing to the microchip company.
- I've vowed to never again own another dog.

Regarding the nodule:
- I've picked up a copy of the "nodule" report and ct scans from the hospital.
- I've fired my PCP. (Reasons later; too many to discuss now.)
- I've left a message with my Oklahoma PCP.
- I've set an appointment with my rheumatologist for Thursday.
- I've set an appointment with my current PCP (even though I fired her today) for tomorrow to make sure I've got enough prescriptions, referrals, etc. to get me through until I find a new PCP.
- I've vowed to never smoke another cigarette again as long as I live.

At this point, I honestly don't know what else to do. I'm feeling extremely sad over the Chloe situation and have been breaking down in tears regularly. The thought of never seeing her face again honestly breaks my heart. And for my health, I'm flying completely blind. My PCP is a total jackass who seems to think...oh nevermind. I'm trying to keep my blood pressure down at this point.

I need crutches until I can see a podiatrist for my foot because she refuses to treat it anymore. I can't walk and walking around putting signs up made it soooo much worse.

I'm sad and depressed and honestly count yesterday as the worst day of my entire life.

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Addie Talley, Photographer said...

oh, holly, my heart breaks for you... today will be a better day...