Thursday, August 21, 2008

Having Kids

My son is 12 and at this point in our lives, my advice would be that you not have kids. Kids are great but pre-teens are horrific. Today has been living hell, what with getting all of his stuff together to start school on Monday. He's totally freaking out because he's going to middle school for the first time. Makes me feel like I'm going to middle school for the first time too!


Lisa said...

Just checking in on you as I do fairly often. Glad to see you have been smoke free for a while and your weight is dropping. I am jealous. The weight you lost I found and put it up for safe keeping. Seriously, how are you loosing the weight? I have got to get some off, gaining nearly 20 lbs since I have retired little over a year ago. Just a few days ago, my left knee locked up on me and I fear it is due to the weight gain. Any suggestions besides quit eating? Take care and hope you survive, rather...I hope HE survives the middle school days. But hang on to your shorts, teenage years are still to come!!!

Lisa said...

Ok, you have not posted in awhile. Have you killed the kid and went into hiding? Let me know all is well on the home front.

Anonymous said...

Makes me feel like I'm going to middle school for the first time too

Amen to that.