Friday, October 24, 2008

Long Time No Write

It's been an interesting few weeks. David went to South Africa, I spilled a drink on my computer, and I found out I completely ripped up my left shoulder.

I'll be having surgery on my shoulder on November 4th, election day. I'll be voting early (tomorrow, as a matter of fact) so as not to lose my chance to vote out the Republicans.

Anyway, my stance on Sarah Palin hasn't changed. I think she's an idiot who doesn't know what she's doing. I think it's crap that she accepted $150,000 worth of clothes for herself and her family from the RNC. Geez, out of touch with "real" America much?? I strongly urge you to take a very close look at the McCain/Palin ticket and make an informed decision. I think if you give it some thought and if you do some research you'll realize for yourself how harmful McCain & Palin will be to America. Please think about it.

I, of course, am voting for Obama. I'm proud to say that. I'm still a bit disappointed that Clinton didn't the nomination, but that's mostly because she's a woman rather than her political beliefs. I must admit that Obama's beliefs and practices are the most closely alligned with mine and he deserves my vote. I hope he deserves yours as well.


Lisa said...

just read your blog about surgery, hope it went ok, and I hope you are doing ok. Just wanted to check on you!

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

just wanted you to know that I miss your writing

ivf doctor in delhi said...

read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work.