Thursday, August 05, 2004


You are nothing more than an extremely tall child. You think like a child. You speak like a child. You behave like a child. Like a spoiled rotten little bratty child with no true authority in your life…at least not that you bow down to. I do not know how to handle you…you are unpredictable. You are difficult and obstinate. You lack self-control and pity. I do not know that you have a heart…at least not one that is readily apparent. Go away…go hide away. You know exactly what I mean. You commune with them and become one with them. You exist to please them. They exist to please you. That’s right, you know it’s true. If only they were the only ones you ever had to deal with. Completely erase all thought or memory of us. Embrace that freaky little lifestyle that you call normal. There. How does it feel to be judged?

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