Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ode to My Week

Man oh man what a week. Nothing happened. Had a couple of conversations with a really cool guy on the phone and made plans for an upcoming birthday weekend for my friend. I've also been watching LOTS of Buffy and studying my ass off. Even though this was spring break I've got 3 essays and 3 tests next week. I will be so glad when this semester is's making me sleepy. It was kinda cool this week though to sort of start feeling like myself again. I didn't realize how stressed I had been with school and work and Jack and everything until I was able to kind of lay back this week and just not worry about much. I had an actual sense of humor this week! More than once!! WOOHOO!! Two more months and I'll hopefully have the summer off. I should also be finding out in the next week or two if I have been accepted at any of the schools I've applied to. Crap that's nervewracking. I think colleges do this to you on purpose so they can really make you appreciate it when they accept you. Thank god for Buffy! That show has been a great escape for me lately.

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