Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Key

The key, you see, seems to be in learning to exist in the pain. To allow your body to accept the fact that there will be this continual pain for some don't know how will just exist in it. Biologically we are made up to deal with pain - whether it be physical pain or otherwise. Lots of times when we sprain an ankle or something similar the pain doesn't necessarily get better but rather we just get used to it. So I guess I'm just waiting to get used to it.


Addie said...

heres a bit of advice someone once told me, and Ive clung to it... It doesnt get better, but it does get eaiser.... that can be pretty much summed up to whatever situation you are in.... so best of luck getting through whatever it is you are going through

SerenitySprings said...

Thank you, Addie. Every day does get a bit better. Can't wait for a year or so from now!