Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Oh, But I Do Steal

I have now stolen two of Ashley's homebaked cookies and I have finished off two bottles of her wine. (Not the wine today; just since I've lived here.)

So yes, I am a thief.

But OH MY GOD whoever thought of baking a chocolatey cookie and filling it with a LAYER OF PEANUT BUTTER is a friggin genius. Holy crap this may just be the best thing I've ever HAD in my mouth!


Addie said...

that sounds heavenly - want to pass the recipe on?

gojiro said...

Sounds like the best. Cookie. EVER. It's like the Reese's Cup of cookies.

I must have some. Steal me some. Seriously.

SerenitySprings said...

I can't steal anymore. I've already stolen 2 of that kind and if I steal any more SHE WILL KNOW. Then she won't be so inclined to leave her cookies out for Stacey and me to eat.

fictionfiend said...

Holly actually said,
"Holy crap this may just be the best thing I've ever HAD in my mouth!"
and no one is making rude comments about it?
I am sorely disappointed.
*shakes head and walks away*

Anonymous said...

My first thought was right in line with your's becky.

what the hell is wrong with the rest of the commenters here?


gojiro said...

Okay, I *was* gonna say, "That's cuz you never had me in your mouth." But I thought that would be crossing a line. I guess I underestimated this crowd...

SerenitySprings said...

LOL...I love every single one of you.