Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Remember that Day in Grade School?

When I was in the sixth grade I cheated. My teacher had us exchange our math tests with our neighbor in order to grade them. When I got my test back from my neighbor, one of the problems had a check mark on it which denoted it as wrong. Well, I erased said check mark and my original answer and put the correct answer down. I immediately stood up, took the test to my teacher, and explained what I had done.

You know, I've never forgotten that day. I don't remember what the punishment was or if there was any. I just remember that sickening feeling of guilt over knowing that I had been dishonest and I had acted unfairly.

My point is, I don't cheat. I don't lie. I've tried and I do both equally badly. There are times when I might bend the truth a bit or leave out what some would think were relevant details, but I don't flat out lie. (Yeah, yeah, some would say that "leaving out relevant details" is a form of lying but I'm training to be a lawyer, for gods sake...I have to practice on somebody.) :)

(Oh, and as an aside, I have the best boyfriend in the world. Now ends today's excerice is sickly sweet gushing.)

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