Monday, December 05, 2005


Has anyone heard about this ID check thing in Colorado? Apparently a women was ordered to show her ID to some cops on a bus and she refused and they arrested her, took her to jail, she and her belongings were searched, etc. The thing I saw mentioned that her son is fighting in Iraq and she has been protesting the war and she believes that's why the cops asked for her ID in the first place.

I only heard about it in passing but it sounded interesting so I'm going to try to find out more. Could be an interesting study in a serious 5th Amendment violation.


Karl Gallagher said...

IIRC, the bus was making a stop on a federal gov't installation, and legally the security guards can demand ID from anyone entering. Congress didn't make an exception for folks just passing through. I think the guards were probably being jerks.

Karl Gallagher said...

More details:

SerenitySprings said...

Thanks for the info. This could end up being a really intersting case.