Saturday, December 24, 2005


What do you think it means if you're utterly exhausted so you lie down to take a nap before a six hour drive to go home for Christmas and whilst sleeping you dream that you are looking in a mirror and your face gets all distorted and your lips morph into duck lips?



fictionfiend said...

It means you need to smoke a better grade of crack.

Are you having any worries about seeing people you haven't seen in a while? Worried about what impression you might make, what they might think?
Are you having body image issues?

That's all I got. Unless there is some incestuous duck love going on that I don't know about.

gojiro said...

"Incestuous duck love"?

So SS is related to ducks?

I think we ALL need a better grade of crack!

Gwynhala said...

You secretly want to be Michelle Pfeiffer.

SerenitySprings said...

Why Michelle Pfeiffer? Does she fuck ducks? Well, she *is* hot...

And yes, I could use a better grade of crack. Got any?

Gwynhala said...

Hmmmm maybe that's just a family joke. We call Michelle Pfeiffer "Duck Lips" because, well, she has 'em. Take a look at her prtty face and you'll see! QUACK!