Tuesday, December 27, 2005


So tomorrow I start the trek back to Dallas. It only took me five hours to get here on Xmas Eve which was about an hour shorter than it took me to get here the day before Thanksgiving.

I'm planning on relaxing in Dallas for a couple of days and then I'll be picking up both Becky (Thursday) and David (Friday) at the airport. David will have been gone for two weeks so I'm really looking forward to seeing him.

It's going to totally bite to leave here again without Jack but I know that he's doing well. He is happy and well-adjusted and I know that my parents love him almost as much as I do. Once again I wish I didn't have to make the long drive back alone because it's always easier to leave him when I'm not the one driving. Don't ask me why.

We've had a good Christmas break and we've done some really cool stuff together. Tomorrow Jack's going to go with me to the eye doctor and watch me get my eyes poked and prodded. For some reason my contacts really bother me in Dallas so I'm hoping the Doc can tell me why. I seem to wear my glasses more than my contacts there and I hate wearing glasses. Hopefully it's just a prescription problem or whatever.

Ryan, I got a couple of games for Xmas. An "I Love the 80's" game and a "Scene It" game. We'll have to have a party.

So does anybody have anything planned for New Year's Eve?

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