Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I came back to my parents house tonight after putting gas in my car and as I was stepping from the driveway to the yard I tripped on a piece of wood. I fell down backwards and hit the back of my head on another piece of wood. I scraped my hand, arm, leg, and hip, hit my ribs, and possibly have a concussion. I almost puked and passed out, but thankfully, managed to not do either. Now I'm chilling on the couch trying not to fall asleep with one hell of a headache and lotsa dizziness.

I already have an appointment tomorrow morning with the eye doctor so I'm just going to wait until then to see if there's anything I should be doing. My mom freaked out and felt horrible but it really was my fault because I forgot their pile of wood for the fireplace was there.

Some days I'm reminded of just how retarded I can be. :)


Addie said...

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SerenitySprings said...

Cool, thanks Addie. I actually found one that Blogger recommended so I think I'm gonna use that one.