Wednesday, January 25, 2006


What is it about depression that forces us, as humans, to listen to really, really bad music?

My roommate is going through a pretty rough time right now. Her engagement was called off and it's been tough for her. Maybe that's one reason I haven't punched her in the face yet for being so damn irritating. (Kidding. I only resort to violence when there's sushi involved.)

Anyway, I only got about 4 or so hours of sleep last night because instead of studying for a test I decided to go hang out with David. We had a really good time but I had to get up at 5 this morning to make up for my lack o' studying last night. (My test was at 8 and may I just say that I RAWKED on that test?)

So anyway, I got home from class at about 8:15 or so this morning (it only took me 7 minutes to take the test!) and my roommate has been playing really bad music ever since. Stuff like "Listen to Your Heart" and some song that I believe must be called "You're Beautiful" because the guy just keeps saying that over and over and over again. There's also been some lame Train songs thrown in and weird 50's type music. Right now it's "Here I Go Again on My Own". She's been playing lots of other bad stuff too but I'm not sure what it is. (Yes, the songs are so incredibly unfortunate that I don't even recognize them.) And she's playing it LOUD. Her bedroom doors are both closed and it still sounds like the music is being played right in the living room.

Okay but that's not the worst part. While she's playing these songs she's singing. Over the music. The really loud music.

Now, my roommate normally has pretty decent taste in music. I mean, she listens to a lot of stuff that I don't listen to but she's actually turned me onto a couple of bands that I had never heard of. So what is it about depression that makes us want to listen to really bad music? And furthermore, what is it about depression that inspires us to sing to really loud, really bad music?


Anonymous said...

Does the beautiful song basically have the chorus "You're just so beautiful... beautiful.. today... You're so beautiful... beautiful.. in every little way" - or something like that? Guitars, and the singing almost like shouting?

If so, It's flickerstick. It's not their best song, but they are a very good band. And Roxette is criminally underrated.

So it's not that it's BAD music. It's that its being played in a bad context. :P


Addie said...

Im thinking the "Youre Beautiful" song is James Blunt (You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true. I saw your face in a crowded lace,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.)...

if its that song, then he is actually pretty good, that probably isnt the best song on the album though... just a thought

Addie said...

lace = place.... sorry, bad typing