Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Need to Give People More Compliments

Last night David and I went out for sushi. Holy crap was it tasty. We tried the snow crab for the first time and were both quite impressed. I still need to bow down and worship at the alter of Emilie's neverending wisdom for introducing me to unagi, however, because that is one of the best things I've ever had in my mouth.

Anyway, David and I were having this fairly interesting conversation whilst sitting at the sushi bar. We talked about politics and booze and sex and school and pretty much everything else under the sun. It was a really good time.

There was a guy sitting alone next to us at the sushi bar. He gave no indication that he was listening to our conversation but I really doubt there was anyway he could not have heard us. We weren't talking especially loud or anything but it was a pretty tight area.

As we stood up to leave the guy kind of mumbled something and so I sort of bent in closer to him to hear what he was saying. He just kind of smiled and said, "You have a great laugh."

That made me feel really, really good. For like three hours. Hell, it still makes me smile. It reminded me that I really need to compliment people more because it's those little compliments that are totally unexpected and unwarranted that seem to mean the most.


gojiro said...

He probably reallyl said, "You have a great ass," and when you busted him, he tried to cover it by saying "You have a great laugh."

Still a compliment either way, so score.

SerenitySprings said... could be right. I was a little tipsy.

fictionfiend said...

You? Tipsy?
Shock and suprise!