Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Heretofore Emilie and I Shall Boycott ALL Dennis Quaid Movies

I was at the grocery store earlier and the guy behind me looked JUST LIKE Dennis Quaid. So Emilie and I had this entire conversation about how he looks so much shorter in real life. When I was checking out the check-out guy asked me for my ID for the cigarettes I was trying to buy. He said, "Anyone who looks under 30 has to be carded." I could've kissed him. When he looked at my ID he laughed and wished me a happy birthday.

But the reason Emilie and I aren't going to watch any more Dennis Quaid movies is because Dennis Quaid Look-A-Like didn't say anything about how young I look and how there's NO WAY I could be turning 30 tomorrow!*

All I'm sayin' is that everyone should have a friend like Emilie.

*Don't try to understand the Swirling Vortex of Crazy, simply accept the fact that women are going to exist in it at times.


Anonymous said...

The extra funny part here is that a friend of mine always volunteers at the Dennis Quaid Celebrity Golf thingy here in Austin, and I was planning on helping this year, but it looks like I will now have to sabotage the whole event, just to get back at Dennis.

...sigh. The things I do for my friends....


Addie said...

ha - you two are great...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

OK, for the record, I don't look short in real life, I look real in real life.

I probably would have busted with the compliment if you hadn't whispered to the cashier guy that I looked like RANDY Quaid. I love him like a brother, but don't get us confused!

And you know you'll be watching Inner Space again in no time.


Anonymous said...

I swear to god that wasn't me.


SerenitySprings said...

Whatever dude. That response was WAY too reminiscent of a certain response one of my entries received from the Good Lord.