Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Hey South Dakota. Fuck You."

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This law won't even afford women the right to an abortion in the case of rape and/or incest! The only allowance is made in the case that an abortion is needed to save a woman's life.

Doctor's can be charged with a felony and sent to jail and fined up to $5000 for performing abortions.

The Republican governor (who just so happens to oppose abortion) should get this on his desk next week and then he'll have 15 days to sign it or veto it. The one smart thing that he had to say about it was the fact that he's not sure that now is the time to fight Roe v. Wade. He is actually an advocate of restricting abortion rather than outlawing it altogether.

David made a good point when he said this: " In a way, it's a good thing. This way, there's no incrementalism to it. The first test case won't be some minute reduction of rights, but their complete removal. Therefore, SCOTUS has to be prepared to completely reverse Roe in order to pull the trigger."

But still, as offensive as it probably is to all of my Libertarian buds out there, to quote OhioDave™, "Hey South Dakota. Fuck you."

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fictionfiend said...

Isn't it ironic?
Our children are being sent to Iraq to die defending freedom, while their own freedoms are being stripped away at home. >:-(