Monday, February 06, 2006

So there actually IS life on the UTD campus!

People are angry. Something about vaginas and violence and the fact that you ain't gettin' none 'til the violence stops. Apparently I have a vagina and you have a vagina and he has a vagina and she has a vagina and people are yelling about the collective vagina HOORAH. There are even megaphones and songs and everything. They're selling t-shirts that say "Please Don't Touch the Vaginas" on the back. I should get one. You should get one. You don't support vaginas if you don't have one of these shirts. I can feel myself being sucked into the peer-pressure.




I wonder if they'll start burning their panties next?

I've been on this campus for nine months now and this is the first time I've seen any type of protest and it's definitely the first time people have displayed anger at anything besides the lack of parking - at least that I've witnessed. I'm just glad to know that this campus is alive. Even if it is showing it by being overrun with vaginas. Male and female vaginas. Seriously. There are as many guys out there screaming about their vaginas as there are women.

On a different note, today I am having an eggplant and hummus sandwich for lunch. With lattice. It looks and tastes remarkably like lettuce but since the sign said "lattice", I'm just gonna go with it. Mmmmm...lattice tastes goooood.


Anonymous said...

The guys are only there because they want to touch the girls' vaginas.

Ironic really.

Christopher Coyne said...

Sry; I kinda missed something here. R they protesting sexual violence?

fictionfiend said...

Maybe it's an abstinence rally....

SerenitySprings said...

Yep, it was a protest against sexual violence. I know this because I read the handout. I'm cool like that.

And yes. I got a shirt. 2, actually. I'm weak and need to be put down.