Friday, April 07, 2006

Apartment Hunting

So today I start my search in earnest for a new place to live. The events of most of the night and this morning have motivated me into action.

I'm so irritated today that I'm actually considering moving out TODAY, breaking my lease, and leaving my roommates totally screwed on rent for the next few months until our lease is up. Yeah, I know, I won't actually do that to them but it sure does feel good right now to imagine doing it to them.

There is just no way I can live like this any longer. I'm becoming a bitter crazy person and that's not good for anybody. Finals are coming up and there's no way I can expect to do anything other than really poorly as long as I get no sleep and live in a constant state of exhaustion and irritation. It's like pms all the time. And being on steroids. And possibly just coming off of meth. And being dumped. And your grandma who raised you and your dog just died. All on the same day.


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