Friday, April 07, 2006

Birthday Events

OhioDave™ went to Wikipedia, typed in his birthday (month and day), and then made a list of notable events/people he shares his birthday with.

I shall do the same here cuz that's how I roll:



600 - Pope Gregory I decreed that "God bless you" was the correct response to a sneeze.

1568 - The entire population of the Netherlands - three million people - was sentenced to death by the Roman Catholic Church for heresy.

1884 - Harper's Weekly featured a cartoon about women's rights.

1959 - Castro sworn in as Cuban PM

2005 - The National Hockey League cancels the entire 2004-2005 regular season and playoffs, becoming the first major sports league in North America to do so over a labour dispute.


1941 - Kim Jong-il, North Korean leader (FUCK YEAH, BABY! He ain't ronery anymo'!)

1957 - LeVar Burton, American actor

1964 - Christopher Eccleston, English actor (Awesome.)


2001 - William Masters, American gynecologist and sexologist (b. 1915)


Kyoto Protocol Day (2005)


Dave-o-ramA said...

In notable birthdays, I've only got Mother Jones, John Woo, and Scott Carpenter.

But I've got the only birthday where the English and Irish perform dances of fertility, and the Soviets paraded their big, long tanks and missiles through Red Square. Workers all over the world take the day off.

Addie said...

uh yeah - thats my anniversary too - so thats pretty notable, right? right?!

SerenitySprings said...

Haha...true. It's also my uncle's birthday and the day before OhioDave's™ birthday.

Good times.