Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Advice to You

Let's say you live in University housing and you just so happen to live with some real dipshits. Let's say you have an exam early the next morning so you stay up most of the night trying to study while being forced to listen to really bad music by your dipshit roommate. Let's say you get up really early the next morning to get in another couple of hours of studying so in reality, you only end up getting about three hours of sleep. Let's say you come home after the test triumphant because you know you did well but all you want right now is some sleep. But let's say your dipshit roommate can't living without a FUCKING SMOOTHIE and proceeds to run the blender for THIRTY MINUTES, all the while committing other atrocious affronts to your ears.

My advice to you? Go Kikira on her ass and give up hope that you will EVER get any sleep EVER again.


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