Friday, June 23, 2006

The downfall of Christianity and religion in general

Sitting in class the other day, the professor asked every person who completely believes in something religious to raise their hand. He wasn't interested in people who pay lip-service to a religion but rather people who actively believe and participate in a religion, any religion.

Out of a class of about 75 people or so, only about five people raised their hands.

The crazy thing about this is that some of the people who didn't raise their hands are some of the most close-minded and Republican people I've ever met in my life. They bring the words repressed and conservative to new heights...(or lows, depending on you look at it.*)

How is it that these people aren't religious? I've always associated those characteristics with people who are religious. That got me to thinking about what the downfall of Christianity and other religions has been, especially among this generation (most of the students in that class are "traditional" students - 20-years-old, living away from home for the first time, etc.) I came to the conclusion that it must've started when the "common" people were given full access to the bible and other religious texts. Once people were given an opportunity to learn and lead for themselves, they were able to see past the fear that leaders in the church had been trying to instill in them since the beginning of organized religion.

I believe that most religious leaders don't try to hurt their parishioners by leading down a path of ignorance and fear. For the most part, I think they believe they are "saving souls" and doing what is best for the "common" people. Some of them might tally up the souls they save and think their god will bless them more because of their sacrifices. Some church leaders might be scaring their people into submission for the money involved.

My point here is not to dismiss what religion is to so many people. It is just to say that once people truly start thinking for themselves and are able to decipher religious texts without the interference of church leaders, they seem to "lose" the faith they once thought they had.

* Not to say that all religious people are that way...just most of them.


Addie said...

hey, I resent that you probably think Im Republican....

SerenitySprings said...

LOL...I think nothing of the sort. I sometimes rant and make generalizations but in reality, I do try to know people personally and to accept them for what they really are.