Monday, July 03, 2006

Minor spoilers ahead

My opinion of Superman Returns can be summed up in one word: Meh.

I didn't really like it much. It wasn't necessarily that I actively disliked it, it just didn't inspire me to like it. I had a problem with some of the plots and some of the holes were confusing. ***SPOILERish***(For instance, if Superman can fly around in space with no oxygen mask, why did he need oxygen when he was in the hospital? Also, once he let the island go in space, how did he "fall" back to earth? Wasn't he in space?) I was also irritated by the obvious parallels to Jesus Christ. Seriously, why was it imperative to have Superman looking like he was all-up-onz a cross when he was unconscious?

Anyway, it is a decent movie as long as you are interested in seeing a movie with too few explosions and not enough decent dialogue to make up for lack of said explosions. I would recommend going to see it, but maybe wait until it's at the dollar theater.

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nickyrat said...

I'm with you on the "why did he just fall out of space??" thing.
As for the "needing" oxygen when he was in the hospital...maybe he didn't, but the doctors didn't know that. They just put the mask on him, figuring he needs to breathe. Or maybe the kryptonite weakend him, so he needed more air. Or maybe when he's up in space listening to everything, he's holding his breath!