Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The internet

I got home from a very annoying day at work today wanting nothing more than to curl up on my bed with the internet. Of course, the internet failed me. For whatever reason, my account could not be authenticated and I was unable to get online. I called David to see if he was at a computer so he could go online for me to get the number to tech support but he was at fencing and wouldn't be able to check for a while. So I called Becky and she got me the number because she loves me and could probably hear the panic in my voice at the thought of me being denied my internet crack.

I called tech support but they were unable to answer the phone and I had to leave a message, which of course just completely pissed me off because I knew they were there and just weren't answering the phone because it was almost time for them to get off work. I debated with myself whether I should read a book or finish "Gattaca" and eventually decided to finish the film. I watched about half of it last week so I really needed to finish it off. It was an okay film, not great, and the ending let me down some.

Once I finished the movie I decided to read through this document I started about ten months ago. It's a letter I started and never finished but add things to every so often. I don't know if I'll ever give it to the person I'm writing it to, but it's cathartic for me nonetheless. Going back and rereading the entire thing was a bit odd simply because my life seems to have changed so much in the last year. It was interesting to relive some of the moments I wrote about.

As I was finishing off my latest addition to that letter, I realized that my little internet icon thingy was all glowy. I knew at once that the internet hadn't abandoned me and that I could in fact read all those blogs and check all that email that I missed while being at work. I felt peaceful and that's when I realized that the internet is one of the greatest things ever.

The internet takes the entire universe as we know it and places it at our fingertips. Anything you need to know you can find on the internet. Anyone you want to connect with that you might not be able to talk to in person right then can more than likely be reached in some way via the internet, whether that be through email, reading their blog, whatever.

I don't care what anybody says about those of us that spend time browing the web and reading up on things that interest us. I think the internet actually brings us closer together, even if it is completely messed up that I should know when one of my good friend's exes is having sex with her current flame, simply because I read her blog. That bitch.

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