Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I can't sleep. It's 12:39 and I have to be up in a few short hours and I can't sleep. David's snoring soundly in the other room but I finally just moved to the couch because I kept moving around and was afraid he would be kept awake. He has to get up about an hour or so earlier than I do tomorrow so I decided the couch it would be for me.

We watched the original first episode of Firefly tonight, Serenity. (Not the pseudo first episode, The Train Job.) It is such a great episode. So many great lines. We get to meet Wash's dinosaurs, see Mal be psychotic, Inara gets a sponge bath... the list just goes on. I was so disappointed when it was over as I wondered how in the world such a fantastic show ever got cancelled.

I think our goal is to make it through the entire series over the next few weeks and then soon to have a viewing of Serenity with the director's commentary. We've never watched that particular commentary and it just seems appropriate to do it with all of our friends around with some full on shindiggery.

I think I'll go take some more tests at OkCupid. I'm trying to appear to be more than just "horny" and "attentive", which is how that website has characterized me. What's that about?

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