Monday, September 18, 2006

Trinity Hall Trivia

Last night Brigette, Jason, David, and I went to Trinity Hall for Sunday night trivia. We tied for first place with two other teams. (Had I not been so adamant that Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married in 1980, we would've won. Sorry Jason!)

H'anyway, we won a $20 gift certificate for Trinity and each of us won a pint glass as well. I don't know what the proper name for it is but it was the kind that David has been wanting because of the shape.

Man, let me tell you, we really needed Brad there last night. We only got four right on the sports round. I really need to figure out a way to bone up on my sports trivia before next time.


Traivor said...

I expect a cut of the profits. Clearly you did well because I was not there to get incorrect answers.

UnrulyDuckling said...

I was enjoying a Benadryl-coma at the time of your auspicious victory. It's just as fun, but not as profitable, as winning at trivia.

Anonymous said...

Next time! Of course I would like to point out that I cost us a win last week because I changed David's answer to a sports question.


Anonymous said...

Meh, I changed one of Brad's answer on another one, so that came out in the wash.