Saturday, March 24, 2007

Special Hell Yet Again

Tonight is Jason & Brigette's fourth annual Marc-sist party wherein we celebrate Marc's birthday and Communism. This year's theme is China. Needless to say, my Chinese wardrobe is rather thin, so after my shower this morning, I just grabbed one of my Firefly t-shirts that has Chinese writing on it.

I went to Catholic Charities to teach my ESL class to African refugees just like I do every Saturday and after we were done, the other teacher came up to me and asked if she could give me some advice. "Of course," I said and she replied with, "If I were you, I would never wear that t-shirt to any Catholic Charities event ever again." I was baffled as I looked down at my shirt because I had already forgotten what I was wearing and I burst into laughter when I saw:

*(Which was Wash's response in Chinese when Saffron was trying to come on to him in the episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds." The original line was, "Wuh duh ma huh ta duh fung-kwong duh wai-shung doh".)

It now seems apparent that when I arrive in Special Hell, I will have earned my very own minions.


Anonymous said...

Why? Do Catholics not appreciate Firefly?


GOJIRO said...

Holy mother of god and all her wacky nephews! That's hilarious!

nickyrat said...

That's the shirt design I made back in the day for the t-shirt contest.
I didn't know you got hooked up with one too.
Badass. :)