Monday, February 04, 2008

Diagnose me please and tell me what drugs to take

Acute upper respiratory infection
Inner ear infections in both ears
Constant hiccups
Concussion (from where I feel in a store and hit my head on a metal shelf, and the blood that went
along wtih it.)
No sense of balance
Weak and painful muscles
Weak and painful joints
Neck pain that makes it difficult to turn or move my head
Inability to breath through my nose, which means no CPAP machine for me, which means no sleep
Falling down with no notice
Falling into walls for no reason


sealegs said...

i think heroin is a safe bet

Anonymous said...

kinda sounds like a stroke... i would agree with sealegs for the cure.


ps- i am so sorry you are so sick :( if you need anything, please let us know- your friends love and miss you!

Julie said...

Sounds like mono to me. I sure hope you feel better soon!