Friday, February 08, 2008

I have the best friends

Although I have no idea who said friends are* because the card was simply signed, "Your Friends", but because the signature was preceded with the most ridiculous message that poked fun at my inability to spell and reads, "For she who feared not to metal with meddle shelves. Hope you feel better soon," I totally forgive them for not signing their actual names. (That was in reference to the Hot Topic incident wherein the back of my head was unceremoniously introduced to a metal shelf when I fell due to an as yet undiagnosed condition.)

The lovely note (which I will soon place in a frame on my desk, I assure you) was attached to the most beautiful bouquet I have ever received. I don't even know how to describe it and I don't think the pictures do it justice but I will attempt to show you the gloriousness now.

(Sorry some of the angles are off...I was trying not to photograph the parts I had already eaten.) :)

It's a bouquet! Made out of fruit! It's an EDIBLE BOUQUET! Some of it covered in chocolate! Did I mention that you can eat it?! See the pineapple flower with the melon center? See the chocolate covered oranges? (Whoever thought of that deserves a medal!) See the strawberries and the grape kabobs? See the beautiful purple bowl that matches oh so very nicely with the various purples in my living room?? DIVINE.

The card made me laugh for at least 20 minutes and the hilarity continued as I spoke with each friend on the phone. And when I called David and just started laughing, he laughed right back at me and said, "So you got it?"

See what I'm saying? Best friends ever.

Thank God for friends like these for giving me an extremely decent laugh on a day when hiding my head under my pillows and my body under very heavy blankets seemed to be a much more appropriate activity to partake in before the extremely patient delivery man (who had to ring the doorbell 4 times and knock 5 times before I finally got off my ass and out of bed to answer the door) delivered the awesomeness that is the thoughtfulness of my friends.

*I recently discovered that Sharon, Harold, Becky, Brad, and Erica are the friends in question. Sometimes I really love my life.

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