Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Health Update

Saw the rheumatologist today. While he's not ready to "hang his hat on any one diagnosis," he thinks the vitamin D deficiency is my main problem with a side of fibromyalgia and a blood thing (that I don't remember the name of). He said he's glad the neurologist tortured me last week and the lumbar puncture was a good call. Since he doesn't have all of my blood work back yet he won't have an official diagnosis for about four weeks.

Treatment plan:

1. Vitamin D - take 50,000 IUs per week for eight weeks and get 10-15 minutes of sun on my face, arms, and legs at least three times a week.

2. Blood thing - take baby aspirin once a day to avoid blood clots. He explained it all to me but I don't remember all the details so once I get copies of my medical records from him I'll know more.

3. Fibromyalgia - stop the steroid treatment and go back on Mobic (anti-inflammatory) until further notice. If the pain comes back, the steroids were working and we'll work out a treatment plan. If the pain doesn't come back, YAY for no pain.

Other good news:

1. My kidneys, liver, and lungs look great. Couldn't be functioning better, actually. That's great news because he was originally afraid that the pneumonia I had in February was actually lupus lung involvement.

2. My overall level of pain is way less than it was three months ago. On a scale of one to ten, it was a ten three weeks ago. Today it's more like a six or seven. Once my back heals up from the lumbar puncture I bet it'll go down to five or six.

3. The double vision is completely gone. No more driving restrictions!

Not so great news:

1. I'm still extremely tired all the time. The fatigue is most likely attributed to fibromyalgia and the pain. He said my pain levels were so high that my body would naturally go to sleep as a coping mechanism. Whatever. I'd rather be tired than at a level 10 of pain.

Awesome news:

1. Today I went grocery shopping! I was exhausted when I was done but it felt so good to go out and do something so normal. David and I decided together (along with the advice from the doctors) that I should stay home from work and school for awhile to rest and heal. One of the things I've been doing lately to help make up for the fact that I no longer contribute financially to our family is clipping coupons. The grocery bill was $160 and I only had to pay $100 because I saved $60 just by clipping coupons! It felt great.

Well, that's all for now. Still don't know the results of the spinal tap from the neurologist or the rest of the blood work and x-rays from the rheumatologist but all in all my health is looking pretty good and that makes me happy.

As an aside, I'd like to offer my thanks to Heather and Becky for taking time off of work to care for me after the spinal tap since David had to be out of town for work. You guys were great and your being here with me during those two day and the fact that you successfully kept Jack from bugging the crap out of me says a lot about our friendships. Also thanks to Sharon for taking my phone calls at her work. Thanks to everyone else for the emails and get well cards. I love you guys and look forward to the day that I feel better so I can lick some cheese off your fingers, give you shots of tequila, or just hold you up because you are too far gone to stand up alone. I love you all!

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Talley Images said...

Im glad you are finally getting some answers and some of your pain seems to be abating.... I hope that good things continue to happen..... and you get lots o' candy in your Easter basket (chocolate makes everything better, right?)