Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Health Update

Confirmed diagnoses of fibromyalgia and bursitis. Medication should help the pain and if it doesn't, I'll start getting injections into such places as my shoulders and hips. Good times.

Lupus is on its way back. It's not back yet but my repeated blood tests show that it is slowly returning. From now on it's SPF 30, wide-brimmed hat, linen shirts for Holly. That all sucks but I'd rather deal with it this way than to actually have a huge flare up. Hopefully the rheumatologist caught it in time to stop a full blown emergence. The butterfly rash on my face is slowly getting worse so even though the blood tests don't show positive for lupus, all of the appropriate signs are in place to show that it is indeed trying to make a comeback. It's okay though, I'm scrappy, I'll kick it's ass. I did it once before, I can do it again.

Next is a cardiologist to check my heart valves. With last week's diagnosis of syncope, there could be heart valve issues. Could be due to the strep (which would date back to the Rheumatic Fever I had in about 2003) they found in a urine sample I gave or it could be due to the lupus. We'll see.

Oh, another thing they found was hematuria, which basically just means there's blood in my urine. That could mean kidney involvement but the urine sample I gave today should help to figure that out. Multiple organ involvement with lupus is always a problem so gotta make sure those kidneys aren't giving out on me.

So slowly but surely the diagnoses are coming. The main concern that overrides everything else is to try to stop lupus from having the opportunity to knock me down again. The preventative measures should help somewhat. No more sun for me!

Know of any non-sun related ways to get lots of Vitamin D into my system?

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Talley Images said...

man, does your body ever just give you a break?