Thursday, April 17, 2008

Weird shit

I woke up around 6:45, put my robe and hat on, just like I do every morning, and took the dog out into the backyard. As soon as I put my hat on one spot on the back of my head started hurting really badly. So I took off the hat and realized there was a bump there and that the surrounding area was what was hurting. I had David take a look at it and he didn't notice any discoloration or anything out of the ordinary except that there was this bump on my head. We figured something was in the hat and bit or stung me but the pain wasn't sharp enough to be black-widow-ish.

So later this morning, at about 10:30, I go to take my shower. (There was all this drama with this baby kitten in the backyard whose mother wouldn't take care of her, etc. so it took longer than normal for me to get in the shower. More on the kitten later.) After I got out of the shower I was rubbing the towel over my hair and then I combed my hair. At this point, I ran my fingers through my hair and noticed a second bump about an inch to the left of the first one. It doesn't hurt nearly as bad as the first one and it hasn't gotten as swollen as the first one.

Since then the original bump has swollen enough to encompass the part around it that was hurting and the pain is constant. Sometimes it's a dull ache but other times it's a sharp pain. The second bump has not yet had that ring around it that hurt like the first one did.

I have no idea what these bumps are. David said my brain was probably slowly exploding due to the cuteness (again, more on the kitten later.) But I don't know. What could it be? Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this before?


UnrulyDuckling said...

You're probably just growing a second head.

Anonymous said...

i have no idea unless something bit you once...then again? my first fear was bed bugs, but they bite in "threes". Kittens are indeed cute enough to cause spontaneous head bumps, but I doubt that is what that is... Hmm. We are always praying. Keep us updated.

Talley Images said...

Get thee to a doctor, woman