Monday, July 28, 2008

Greenies Warning

This is from my friend OhioDave's blog:

Just got this from my cousin Vicki, who is a professional pet sitter and house sitter:

I recently had a pet sitting client call to tell me that her dog just had surgery for a bowel obstruction, which her veterinarian believed was caused by the Greenies brand Original Smart Treat.

Apparently, these treats had been pulled from the market some time ago and reformulated due to serious health problems in pets, and in some cases, caused death to the pet.

I have no formal information about this product at this point.

Please take note of this concern and pass along to anyone you know of that has dogs or cats, or buys these Greenies treats. This brand carries treats for dogs and cats.


Vicki Gruner
Pet Nanny & Personal Assistant
513-235-7787 (Cell)

Snopes says it's "undetermined" but it's from 2005 and that story is apparently before the "reformulation" mentioned above.


Anonymous said...

Huh. The Greenies for cats are very different from the ones I've seen you give to Chloe. Those seem to be almost plastic-y, while the cat treats are just crunchy kibble. I bet the dog ones are much harder to digest than the cat ones.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the info. I don't feed my dogs hardly any treats, except real bones once in a while. And of course all the treats that I eat!!!