Thursday, January 13, 2005


I do not tell myself to breathe; the act simply occurs. Perhaps it is from a great force that exists outside of me – guiding and directing every move that I make. Perhaps it is the most basic pull towards the call of being the fittest that I can be in order to survive. Perhaps the two are one and the same.

I believe in life because life continues to carry on with or without me. It matters not what I do, what I say to or for anyone, or even what I wish; life continues – it came before me and will continue to be here after me.

Every single choice that I make has a relevant consequence that could have an influence on me for the rest of my life.

My desires and aspirations are due to my constant quest for life. My search for knowledge and understanding can at times go so far as to interfere with my ability to rest; to settle down. But the pull is so great that I can rarely ignore it.

My search for wisdom comes from a different place, however. It is slow and steady and only appears sporadically. In order to achieve those brief moments of clarity I aspire daily to not lose my sense of wonder towards the world and especially towards the mystery that is life.

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