Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ouch! Part 2

So, yep, I have a concussion. Not a horrible one, though, so the doc said it should be fine. Not really looking forward to the 5-6 hour drive home today because I'm still having minor dizzy spells but mostly my ass hurts. Seriously. When I landed I landed on my left butt cheek and it's all bruised and sore. The scrapes are less painful today and my ribs don't hurt at all. So the headache, dizziness, and ass bruising seem to be the biggest problems so hopefully I'll be able to chill on a couch when I return home. (Or at least my futon...whatever.)

Ooo ooo...and my eye doctor said one of the side-effects of a concussion can be irritability. That means no one can get mad at me for being bitchy. LOL. :)

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