Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ouch! Part 3

Last night after my fall I was experiencing some pretty decent pain so I asked Jack to bring me my bottle of Tylenol that I had left on a piece of furniture in my mom's dining room. Imagine my surprise when I poured several Tylenol into my hand only to discover that they were little pink pills. I was afraid that I had hit my head harder that I originally thought because when are Tylenol little and pink? Little did I know that my sister-in-law had also placed a couple of bottles of pills there, and in fact, I had just almost swallowed a handful of Paxil. Now that would've been funny!

Well, I made it back to Dallas in one piece...mostly. The drive was made with me experiencing extreme nausea and mild dizziness. I actually did pretty well until I hit about Gainesville and then the dizziness increased and I seriously thought I was going to have to pull over to be sick. By the time I was at Lewisville and I almost hit a guardrail, I took a "time out" and walked around a bit to try and clear my head and settle my stomach. When I stepped from the car I almost passed out so my advice to you is that if you ever sustain a concussion, try not driving five or so hours the next day.

However, if ever you should bust your ass and then you have to drive, let me know and I'll tell you the 101 different positions for sitting that I came up with whilst driving in order to relieve some of the pressure from said ass.

The best thing that happened today was when I was on my way out of Enid I stopped to get the oil in my car changed. The car ended up needing about $400 of maintenance and the guys only charged me about $200. It was pretty cool. I was standing out there with them and I started feeling lightheaded so I went inside and sat down. One of the guys asked me if I was okay and so I told him what had happened and he felt sorry for me and for the fact that I was retarded enough to try and drive all the way back to Dallas that he gave me major discounts on everything. w00t!! But guess what? The other reason I stopped in there was to see what it would take to fix my side-view mirror that the Punk-Ass Kid hit a few weeks ago. Yep, that's right - I totally forgot to ask them about that. So I made the drive back with that mirror all crazy shaky...which may explain some of my dizziness...

I left my parents home at 2 o'clock today because I wanted to do most of my driving during the day so I wouldn't be facing all of those lovely headlights coming at me once the sun went down. Well, the mechanic thing ended up taking almost two hours so I didn't actually end up leaving Enid until ten minutes to four which meant I got home right around nine tonight. So I had a good 3 1/2-4 hours of straight headlights. Not the best thing ever when you've got a splitting headache. At least the knot on the back of my head seems to be shrinking somewhat.

One thing I've noticed since experiencing the joy of this head thing is that I'm more forgetful than normal. Hard to believe, huh. But it's true. Like how I totally forgot where I stashed the baggie full of Lortab* that I obtained from my sister-in-law illegally.** I also forgot where I stashed the Vodka*** in the car.**** (Never mind the fact that I was apparently transporting a controlled substance [for which I did not have a prescription] over state lines. Huh. Maybe I should've thought of that before leaving Oklahoma.)

* And by "baggie full of" I mean the one Lortab she gave me to take for pain once I arrived back in Dallas.

** And by "illegally" I mean that she offered me one of her back painkillers in order to relieve some of my head/ass pain. Her husband (my brother) recently sustained a pretty serious concussion while falling from an airplane (a truly funny story...I'll share it sometime if I haven't already.) Anyway, several days after his concussion he drove his family from North Carolina to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. Needless to say, she knows how bad driving after a concussion can feel.

*** Aw, who am I kidding? Everybody knows I'd NEVER forget where I stashed the booze!

**** I don't want any phone calls from all of you people concerned that I'm mixing pain killers with Vodka. As was aforementioned, I've only got the one pill (to get me through tonight) and the Vodka (to get me through everything else!) :-p

I love you guys and hope you had a merry Christmas. Here's to a happy new year!


jet said...

Glad you made it home okay. See you soon!

SerenitySprings said...'s good to be home. Did you guys get Ryan from the airport okay?

Addie said...

dude - Im glad you got there safely, thats alot to deal with, but at least the mechanic was cool

jet said...

Yep... He's home safely and surely getting his WOW fix. :)