Thursday, February 23, 2006

Partial Birth Abortion

I'm writing a research paper on partial birth abortion for my American Public Policies class. I have no opinion on partial birth abortion which is why I chose that topic out of those offered. As I read through the list of topics I realized that I am very opinionated about many things but partial birth abortion is not one of them. It could be because I don't know a lot about it but I decided to do the research in order to explore my lack o' opinion on the subject.

So what I've discovered so far is that the whole abortion issue really pisses me off. I'm pro-choice and I respect a woman's right to choose to terminate a pregnancy or her right to choose to carry a pregnancy to term. I make no judgments regarding whether or not something is right for individuals. However, as I discuss this topic with those around me and as I start the interview process of health and religious professionals along with women and men affected in some way by abortion, I am shocked to discover that people are so polarized on this subject that they are willing to go to great lengths to destroy those around them if they disagree with their opinion in some way.

I know that abortion issues are hot topics and get people all riled up but I guess what I don't get is the disrespect that seems to inherently occur when people discuss this topic. It's almost like this is the last topic in America that people are allowed to disparage others for without fear of recourse at the impoliteness and political incorrectness that seems to seep through and into any conversation on this topic.

So I guess what I'm asking of you is that you give me your opinions on the partial birth abortion topic. It can be on this blog or you can email me privately ( It can be anonymous or you can tell me who you are. My interest here is not in you as an individual but rather your individual opinion. Like I said before, I make no judgments on anyone for their opinion but I'm really just curious to try and know more about how and why this issue causes the rift that it does - apparently more so than any other issue we face today. ('Cept maybe that pesky situation in Iraq...but that's a subject for another blog entry!)

Thanks for any help you're willing to give me as I explore this topic.


Anonymous said...

The abortion debate is heated because one side thinks it's about murdering babies, which is obviously offensive, and another side thinks that it's about removing a clump of cells and that the first side needs to chill out and back off, and they get offended when they dont.

The war, like many wars on topics of belief instead of fact, is fought in language. In other words, the very fact that your assignment is to write about something called "partial birth abortion" betrays the assignments bias. It could just be called a late term abortion. But there has been a persistant and calculated use to describe it as partial birth, because that implies that a baby is being born and then aborted. Admittedly, the procedure itself is relatively distasteful, so I reserve judgement on the validity of that implication.

I'm against very late term abortions, since I personally find it too difficult to mentally disconnect the fetus from an actual baby at such a developed stage. But I find that a personal moral decision, and not something that should be mandated in law. I am against legislating morality on almost all fronts, and this is no exception.


Addie said...

I am against abortion in all cases, but I dont discriminate against anyone who is for them... its your decision what you believe in

but partial birth abortions, to me personally, are the worst kind of abortion... b/c you deliver the baby from the neck down, and then they inject a vacuum into the neck/head and suck out the brains - thats just cruel and unusual punishment to me - we wouldnt even do that to a criminal... and to say that this isnt a person b/c his head is not out?!! makes no sense to me

just my thoughts, feel free to email me if you want to ask any questions...