Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Special Hell, doggie bowl, please

Bad dog!

From my friend Sharon:

Dogs Do the Darndest Things
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Picture this:

It's a beautiful spring day (in late February no less) and the dog park is abuzz with exuberant canines glad to be outdoors romping in the warm sunshine. Like a proud mom, I watch my trim, fit, exemplary specimen of an Austalian Cattle Dog awkwardly socialize and sniff butts. It brings a tear to my eye....

My attention momentarily directs itself to the books in my lap as I *attempt* to study about the plight of the Ostjuden in 1920's Berlin.

I look up from my notes as a gentleman a la Jimmy of Southpark, complete with an arm brace crutch configuration doohickie and thick orthopedic shoes, approaches and points to my strapping young lad, and asks "Is this your dog?"

Being the boastful parent I am, I smile and say "Why yes," thinking I am about to be told that my dog is by far the cutest in the dog park and possibly the world.

Instead I hear "I think he's the dog that just took a leak on my shoe."

Ras now has a doggie dish underneath the Table in Special Hell for peeing on the handicap.

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